Cardo Dalisay, a former Senior Police Officer II, now works as a jeepney driver to provide extra support for his growing family.

Cardo is a father to son, Ricky, while his wife Alyanna continues to do her job as a journalist.

The jeepney that Cardo drives features a painted photo of him with Alyanna and Ricky. They look like a normal happy Filipino family.

as a police officer to have a more peaceful life and to focus on his family, as well.

But will his life stay quiet for so long? Or will he be back in the service?

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  • Sophia Okorie

    I feel happy for you… all my prayers are God will grant you all you needs and wishes amen. Some people can have sleepless night just to say hi to you I am one example of that love you and the whole Philippians… Greats to Julia


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