Last night, Cardo Dalisay’s rival and nemesis Joaquin finally died in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. All seemed grim for Cardo as he was severely injured but in some stroke of luck he hit back and stabbed Joaquin to death. And as the mentally insane villain fall down, Filipino viewers rejoiced over Joaquin’s death!

Social media was off the roof with #FPJAPBagongBuhay trending on Twitter at the number one spot. Many were so elated with Joaquin’s death and commended Arjo’s amazing performance.

And that wasn’t the only amazing thing that happened last night with the Bagong Buhay episode. Cardo and Alyanna finally had their own child to the delight of fans and followers of AP. This is something that Filipinos had been waiting for such a long time.

New characters were introduced last night headed by Lito Lapid, Pokwang, PJ Endrinal, Jhong Hilario, Ronwaldo Martin and Jeffrey Tam. And more characters are coming such as Mitch Valdez, John Arcilla, Angel Aquino, Ejay Falcon, Mark Lapid, and Sid Lucero.

And in this new chapter of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, the top-rating series will tackle new issues that reflect what’s going on with our country. Surely, countless Filipinos will continue to be glued to their TV with this new exciting plot.

Take a peek in what’s coming later in #FPJAPKabanata

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