FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is becoming more eventful, engaging and both plot & character-oriented.

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Viewers may have delighted to see that the famous #CarYok has reunited! Cardo took Onyok under his care and he made the charming and quirky kid character stay in hiding with Benny (who still thinks that Onyok is Ador’s [Cardo] son). There was then more enjoyable and entertaining sequences inside Benny’s house as he is joined by the seemingly ‘more adult’ Onyok. The verbal exchanges between the two is a must-watch! And before the week ended, they were joined by another character in the name of ‘Chick Chick’ – Onyok’s pet chick, given by his Kuya Cardo.

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CocoJam fans should also be more excited in the upcoming episodes as Glen and his family went and resided in Manila. Glen initially and unexpectedly saw Cardo in a police operation (days after she arrived in Manila; that’s how fast the pacing is, too!). But she was faced with Cardo who was trying to deny his real identity. It was then understanding of Glen to think that Cardo is on an ‘operation’. Watch out for the phone call of Glen to Cardo and see how Cardo will explain his situation to Glen or..will he tell Glen where Onyok is?

Another plot which is becoming more intriguing but quite affecting is Carmen who is having thoughts that Cardo might have a mistress (Uh-oh! Wrong thoughts, Carmen). Ador [Cardo] has been slightly reckless and acting more strange since he hid Onyok which led to Carmen having doubts on Ador’s [Cardo] loyalty. Carmen also read Cardo’s text messages. Will Carmen confront Ador [Cardo] about this?

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With these aforesaid events in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, the continuous growing love and appreciation of viewers and netizens to the number 1 Primetime soap opera was also seen:


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