By: Marinel R. Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer

“I CONSIDER him one of my mentors,” said actor Arjo Atayde of his “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” costar Coco Martin, dispelling rumors of a rivalry between them. The two actors have been working on the show for almost a year now.

“I learn so much from him. This rivalry is just the perception of other people. I look up to him. He has been in the business longer than me, and he is way more popular,” said the actor who plays Joaquin Tuazon in the series.

“Before each take, we discuss the dynamics of the scene. He would give me suggestions, which I take note of,” said Arjo, adding that playing a villain wasn’t easy, “especially because I am working opposite a fine actor. I’m a newbie in this business. I realized that if you have excellent people working with you, you absorb the emotion they give you.”

Joaquin will be badder than ever, Arjo revealed. “After what happened to Carmen (Bela Padilla), there’s no more love in him,” he added, referring to the death of Joaquin’s wife in the hands of his own father, Tomas (Albert Martinez). “I actually like Joaquin. Everything about him is on point. He doesn’t think he’s bad. He just believes that he has to do what is expected of him [as a son].”

Arjo said he was grateful to the show’s loyal supporters who took to the Internet to express how much they appreciated his performance. “I received a lot of help from my directors. They explained Joaquin’s emotional journey to me. Yes, I am brave. I’m a policeman. I stand my ground no matter what other people tell me, but at the same time, I knew that my father is powerful and that nothing will change his mind. I cried when I finally accepted what will happen to Carmen.”

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