‘King of Philippine primetime television’ performs for fans along with members of his ‘Ang Probinsyano’ cast members

The King of Philippine primetime television Coco Martin and the cast of television soap opera FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano performed in Dubai on Saturday at Al Nasr Leisureland in a show dubbed Isang Pamilya Tayo.

Thousands of fans from different emirates came out to see the award-winning actor Martin at the show, held as part of a thanksgiving tour.

Martin currently headlines the television soap opera FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, which has become popular among Filipino audiences.
Martin, who last visited Dubai in 2012, plays the lead role of policeman Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay in the television adaptation of a 1997 film of the same name. Ang Probinsyano has become an iconic drama series on Philippine television and is now one of the longest-running, most-watched soap operas both in and outside the Philippines.

Fans from all walks of life lined up as early as 2pm for the 6pm concert.

Also at the show were Martin’s co-stars Pepe Herrera, popularly known as Cardo’s side kick Benjamin “Benny” Dimaapi; Yassi Pressman, who plays Alyana Arevalo, a TV reporter and Cardo’s love interest; and child actor Xymon Ezekiel Pineda, who gained popularity for portraying Honorio “Onyok” Amaba. Singer Daryl Ong also joined the cast in the more than two-hour show.

With fans eagerly awaiting Cardo’s encounter with the show’s antagonists, Martin said they won’t be disappointed. “There’s a lot more to expect from the show,” said Martin. “We are heading to an encounter with Tomas [the villain played by Albert Martinez] and his son Joaquin [portrayed by Arjo Atayde]. There are lots of stories to unfold.”

The 35-year-old Martin also talked about how Ang Probinsyano is a nod to Filipino culture, while also touching on current events in the country.

“We want to uplift the culture of Filipino — our respect to our elders, how we pray before we eat and sleep,” says Martin.
“These are things the younger generations tend to forget because of our exposure to other cultures. We Filipinos have a very rich culture that we can be proud of such as our being helpful, hardworking, our perseverance, our respect to other people — that’s what we want to convey in the show.
“At the same time we tackle current issues in the Philippines and these could be resolved.”

Martin also explained why Probinsyano has become his most cherished project.
“It’s very Filipino,” he said. “Of all the projects that I’ve done, this one is really focused on family and it addresses the current issues we are facing now in the Philippines.”

Before becoming famous as an actor in the Philippines, Martin had the life of a typical overseas Filipino worker when he lived and worked as a janitor in Canada.
“I know the hardships that my compatriots working abroad are facing,” he said. “We know you are here because of our families. I’ve experienced it before, the hardships and I didn’t lose hope. So whatever blessings I have now I’m also sharing it with others.”

Source: http://gulfnews.com/life-style/celebrity/pinoy-celebs/coco-martin-wows-filipino-fans-in-dubai-1.1939480


  • Yvonne Tusalem

    Love U Cocs with Juls too!

  • Eunice

    How I wish that Glen and Cardo are still together… It would have been much more fun vacation with the Dalisay Family complete! We just hope that someday,somewhere, and in someway they’ll be reunited again! Suffice to think that both “Pards” get in touch and update each other in their own possible way…secret! Pray, remain humble, and believe!


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