By: Nestor U. Torre
05:04 AM August 29th, 2015

Tribute to FPJ

For his part, Coco Martin is feeling great these days because he’s been tapped to play the lead in a new “tribute to Da King (Fernando Poe Jr.)” action-drama series. Congratulations are in order, but Coco should work really hard to make his new “Ang Probinsyano” series a big success, because other “young FPJs” have come up short in the past—like Jericho Rosales in the tribute revival of “Ang Panday.”

Our “careful, careful” advice goes double for Julia Montes, whose own new teleserye, “Doble Kara,” casts her in twin roles. That’s double the pleasure for the venturesome star but also twice the danger, because Julia has to worry about two characterizations instead of just one. —And, more importantly, that viewers can clearly tell the difference between them!

Julia admits to being worried about the task of playing twins, and well she should be. She wonders how she will succeed in the tough assignment, and our tip to her is to make sure that each of her personae has very different traits, looks and mannerisms, so we all know who’s “on” at any particular time.

It could also help Julia if she looked up the “How I Met Your Mother” telecast in which Neil Patrick Harris portrayed eight different guys in the same scene!

After watching that tour de force performance, playing twins could strike Julia as not that big a deal—a piece of cake!


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