Apo Whang-od Oggay, the centenarian mambabatok (traditional tattooist) of Kalinga, was on cloud nine after she received “Ang Probinsyano” souvenirs from its lead actor, Coco Martin.

Oggay, an avid fan of Martin and his hit TV series, was visited by some of the actor’s fans in her hometown in Buscalan, Kalinga. Photos of her holding a signed portrait of Martin, a pillow and shirt were shared on Martin’s Instagram fan page.

However, Martin is yet to fulfill Whang-od’s wish to meet him in person

National Youth Commission chair Aiza Seguerra and spouse Liza Diño first discovered Whang-od’s fondness for “Ang Probinsyano” during a visit to her place last February. To show her admiration of “Ang Probinsyano,” Whang-od keeps a collection of shirts and posters of Martin.

For years, celebrities and foreign backpackers have patronized Whang-Od’s traditional tattoo craft. She has passed on her tattoo skills to her grandniece Grace Palicas.

Whang-od was featured in an art exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada last year.

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