MOVIE REVIEW: Beauty and the Bestie (2015)


Directed by Wenn V Deramas

Wenn Deramas, being one of the most successful directors when it comes to box-office returns with another comedy film starring Vice Ganda. The two have been working yearly whether it’s an MMFF entry or something for the fans. And now, tagging along them is one of the popular love teams in the Philippines, JaDine composed of James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Vice Ganda, if you’re not familiar with his works mostly does satirical comedy and the fans are contented with it albeit being harsh or nonsensical. The film’s comedy works the same but thankfully, adding Coco Martin to its story makes it watchable as he’s character drives the narrative in a convincing way.

The good thing about Beauty and the Bestie is that it doesn’t rely much on satirical comedy or other out-of-nowhere input to the story just to make things fun or make fun of things. Adding Coco Martin to its story is the best thing about the movie as he keeps the film from being boring.

There’s a lot of interesting piece that is usually turned down by its treatment. The Vice-Coco duo works because of the story but the characters isn’t written as someone we want to keep in our hearts for a while but is intended to entertain and keep you off your busy time.


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