Produced by: Star Cinema and Cinemedia
Directed by: Jerome Pobocan
Co-Stars: Angeline Quinto, Albert Martinez, Tonton Gutierrez, Eula Valdez, Al Tantay, Malou De Guzman, Kiray Celis

BORN TO LOVE YOU centers around Rex Manrique (Coco Martin) and Joey Liwanag (Angeline Quinto) who met at a Korean wedding and had a hard time getting along each other. Joey is a poor lass who worked hard as a part-time Korean tourist guide and joined amateur singing contests to save p money to go to Korea and meet her father she has never seen. Rex is a frustrated, arrogant and hot-tempered photographer who wants to prove that he can stand on his own feet and succeed in life independently. Things got out of hand when Rex was hired in an advertisement company where Joey was also working as a translator. When they started to enjoy each other’s company, Joey finally meets her biological father while Rex struggles finding acceptance and forgiveness for her mother who abandoned him when he was young. Rex cuts off their relationship but Joey tries to save it. Both get into a car accident making Rex decide finally to leave Joey and his family behind to start a new life. Couple of year later, Joey finds Rex in an island and confronts him about their relationship broken off unofficially. Joey finds to that Rex found forgiveness in his heart and turned blind after saving her life in the accident. Joey and Rex marry in the end.

This is the first mainstream movie of Coco Martin, Angeline Quinto and Jerome Pobocan.