Alexander Del Tierro (Coco Martin) was born into a family affiliated with the army, his father, Col. Joaquin Del Tierro (John Estrada) is a respected military officer and his grandfather, Gen. Jaime Sebastiano (Ronaldo Valdez) is one of the feared generals in the Philippines but doesn’t have a close relationship with his mother, Alondra (Lorna Tolentino) blaming her for the death of his youngest son, Jaime Del Tierro, Jr. (Bugoy Cariño) which led Alexander to join the military otherwise after continuously refusing to do so. His best friend, Gabrielle (Andi Eigenmann) has been by his side in the most important times of his life and has developed feelings for him since they were about 10 years old. Gabrielle is raised by her grandfather, Gen. Edgardo Marcelo (Dante Rivero) after her parents died in the line of duty. Unfortunately Alexander doesn’t feel the same way for her but one of their military friends, Norberto Matias (Martin del Rosario) does.
Alondra was brought up by Teresa Valderosa (Angel Aquino), Gen. Jaime’s mistress. Her mother died after being hit by a car forcing Jaime to bring her into his family. It is there that she met Joaquin, her half-sister Lora’s (Amy Austria-Ventura) boyfriend and developed feelings for him. Alondra has always envied and hated her sister, wanting everything that she owns, especially Joaquin and their father’s affection. Lora’s mother Remedios (Boots Anson-Roa) comes from a long line of rebels but was forced to leave the mountains when she fell in love with Jaime, she finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage. After finding out about Jaime’s mistress, she headed back to the mountains and waited for her daughter. In a later accident, Alondra tells a taxi driver to run over her sister. Lora is immediately sent to a private doctor. Alondra’s best friend Mimi (Candy Pangilinan) and Mimi’s cousin Tomas (Tonton Gutierrez) agrees that they would help her and it is there that they discovered about Lora’s pregnancy. Jaime lies to Joaquin after hearing the news of Lora’s disappearance and tells him that she has been found dead, thinking that she has decided to follow her mother to the mountains instead. Alondra leaves the country but goes back in time for Lora’s labour. Lora gives birth to twin brothers but the doctors inform them that the other has passed away. Alondra takes the other baby, Alexander and brings him to Joaquin, claims that he is theirs, forcing him to marry her.

Tomas’ wife and child passed away before he met Lora and has developed feelings for her. After finding out that the twin who they thought died was breathing, he takes it as a message from God to start a new life. Lora wakes up from her coma after a year not knowing that she has given birth and finds out that Joaquin has been married with her sister. It is there that she decided to follow her mother, Remedios now named Elena, to the mountains with Tomas with his new name Bernabe and herself as Rosa taking Javier with them, the baby that Tomas allegedly found in a burning apartment.

Javier (Coco Martin) was raised up by his surrogate mother Rosa and his adoptive father Bernabe and Elena. Javier is aware that they’re not his birth parents and longs to find his true family and live a normal life. His former girlfriend, Krista (Maja Salvador) is still in love with him and has two missions in life: to fulfill the romance between them and to avenge her parents death. Krista was raised up as an orphan by the rebels along with her brother Tiago (Lloyd Zaragoza). She witnessed her parents’ death and remembers the soldier that killed them, Edgardo. When she was a kid, she was saved from the hands of the military by Alexander and fell in love with him and when she met Javier, she thought that it was him that helped her.

In an encounter between the soldiers and the rebels, Alexander and Javier met, and since then they tried to learn about each other’s lives and family. The two brothers often switch lives and both fell in love with their female counterparts, Javier with Gabrielle and Alexander with Krista. The people surrounding them start to suspect that something is going on that neither of them knows.
Alondra follows Alexander and it is their that she finds out that Alexander has a twin brother. She develops a strong relationship with Javier that Alexander never felt, Alondra often sees Javier as Jaime Jr. Wanting to find out who raised Javier, she follows him on his way back to the mountains and is surprised to see Lora.

The soldiers capture Diego (Ronnie Lazaro), Tiago and Ibon (Jojit Lorenzo) in a later attack. Edgardo is forced to tell the truth to Joaquin concerning Lora and Remedios’ alleged death and disappearance after facing the two in an encounter.
The truth between the twin brothers are revealed after Gabrielle, Alexander, Krista and Javier meet face to face. Rosa, Elena and Bernabe witness the capture of Javier and Krista. Elena surrenders for Javier but Rosa manages to escape. The four later decide to take on amnesty including Bernabe who was captured weeks after, reusing their birth names. Kaye realizes that Alexander was the one that saved her from the military when they were kids and immediately falls in love with him but Gabrielle refuses to feel the same way for Javier, despite having the same appearance, Gabrielle is convinced that Javier doesn’t have the qualities that made her fall in love with Alexander. Mimi suspects that Alondra is responsible behind Lora’s sudden disappearance. After months Lora comes back revealing the truth behind her absence, the fact that she was in prison after being framed by Tomas with drugs to keep her away from Joaquin. She comes back to Manila and visits the military camp in hope to see Joaquin but sees Alondra instead and is captured by the military. Lora decides to take on amnesty to be with her family especially her mother. Joaquin draws closure to her after years of not seeing each other and finds out the truth of why she never came back. She is set free along with Diego, Tiago and Ibon who decided to take on amnesty to take their revenge to the people that betrayed them namely Javier.
Javier experiences a hard time adjusting to a normal life and develops hatred and jealousy towards his brother, having Gabrielle’s affection and a stable relationship with Krista. He gets involved in a carnapping business but later chose to betray his friends, Inigo (Franco Daza), Rico (Dino Imperial) and Bunch (Michael Roy Jornales) to avoid being sent to prison. Alexander meanwhile proposes to Kaye and Joaquin is more than happy for his son and arranged for the parental marriage proposal. It is there that Diego, Tiago and Ibon took their revenge. Unfortunately, Remedios gets shot and is rushed to the hospital which caused her to suffer subdural hematoma and eventually dies. Her death caused Lora and Jaime to re-build a strong relationship back to what it was before Alondra came into their lives, making her sister more jealous than before.

Javier is framed of drug possession and unlicensed armory and is sent to prison but escapes. He is seen roaming around a street near their house and Alexander is immediately ordered to run after him. Alexander surrounds his brother alone with no way out. Javier smacks Alexander making his brother fall out of conscious and asks Alondra for help who suggested locking up Alexander and impersonate Alexander. Javier locks his brother in a cage and breaks up with Krista to pursue his love for Gabrielle giving her suspicion that he isn’t the same person. Gabrielle follows him on his visit to Alexander with Alondra and Mimi and is convinced that foul play has been involved. Mimi sees Gabrielle and, with confusion and desperation, hits her with an ax lying on the ground and falls into a ditch and loses consciousness. Gabrielle later wakes up and finally finds Alexander in the cage and dies painfully in front of her best friend and true love.
Alexander successfully escapes and captures Javier and ties him up. He is determined to find out who murdered his best friend and discovers that Alondra has been helping him. He fixes things up with Krista and tells her that Javier has been impersonating him explaining his recent actions. Meanwhile Mimi runs away before the military find out about the murder. Alondra is frightened that she and Tomas would reveal the truth and so frames Tomas of killing Gabrielle by placing his watch besides Gabrielle’s body bringing Tomas’ life in danger. Lora finds out that Tomas has been lying to her all these years about her scar and that she has given birth and demands him for her sons but he refuses to answer. Alondra discovers that Alexander has escaped and hides Javier elsewhere and informs him about Gabrielle’s death but refuses to believe so, Javier sneaks in to Gabrielle’s funeral to prove it for himself. The military spotted Javier but they also saw Tomas who, after being beaten by Javier, managed to escape after a close call. The truth slowly unravels as Alexander reports to the headquarters of his suspicion that Alondra is helping Javier escape. Berto meanwhile finds out that Mimi is Tomas’ cousin bringing to conclusion that Alondra might’ve taken Alexander from Lora, this is later proven after taking a DNA test, that Alexander and Javier are in fact Lora and Joaquin’s sons. The only thing Lora wishes for is Javier, to fulfill her dream of having a complete family. Tomas is later found after threatening to kill Alondra. Alondra comes back home and finds out that they have discovered the truth and so Joaquin leaves her for good and files for annulment, meanwhile Lora visits Tomas and tells her that she would be leaving him considering that they’re not legally married and would be erasing him from her mind. Not knowing that Lora is his real mother, Javier promises to protect Alondra bringing Alexander and Lora’s life in danger with Alondra’s plan to kill them for revenge. Tiago is put to prison and Diego and Ibon are wanted after Krista and Alexander overhears their plan of murdering Javier. Mimi returns with the help of Adele and sacrifices herself and admits that she is responsible for the death of Gabrielle.

Alondra kidnaps Lora and holds her in captive at the same building where they kept Alexander then, bringing her life in danger but later escapes with another reverse of events. Tomas breaks out of prison to prevent Alondra from harming her, Diego and Ibon later captures him and he tips them to go the same village where Alondra has kept Lora. In a rather puzzling encounter, Javier goes to the warehouse, without knowing that it is Alondra in uniform, Javier shoots her and is confused after seeing Alexander. Alondra treats her wound and finds a gun and plans to shoot her sister. Tomas meanwhile sacrifices himself for Lora as she is held at gunpoint by the rebels, Tomas gets shot and begs Lora for forgiveness before dying in her arms. The brothers eventually face off in a final showdown as Alexander tries to convince Javier to sacrifice himself, Lora and Joaquin gets hold of him and reveals the truth of their relation and finally decides to surrender and reconciles with his family including his best friend Krista, he is proven not guilty of the crime he was framed up for and wasn’t sent to jail. Alondra meanwhile falls in the hands of the rebels who uses her to get hold of Javier and Lora. She is surprised to hear that they would help her despite all her wrongdoings and she asks for forgiveness from her family and lastly God as the military forces fail to stop the bombs planted around her. Jaime Jr. visits her spiritually and tells her to come home with him to heaven as the bomb explodes. The series ends a year after with Lora and Joaquin and Alexander and Krista celebrating a double wedding. Gen. Jaime is now retired and has passed on his seat to Edgardo as Vice Chief of Staff and Alexander and Krista are happy parents of twin brothers. The final scene shows Joaquin, Lora, Alexander, Krista, and Javier with the babies fulfilling the dream of a complete family.

The series released a digital soundtrack featuring the main themesong entitled ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’ recorded and produced by Gary Valeniano.

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