ABS-CBN, Dreamscape

The series follows a young Juan Dela Cruz (Izzy Canillo) as he, with the help of Father Cito (Jaime Fabregas), prepares for his future role as the “Tagabantay” (The Guardian), while struggling to balance his goodness with the evil brewing inside him inherited from his father, an “Aswang”, a humanoid creature similarly related to the Vampire, who’s objective is to take over the society of men and claim it as their own. Being the Tagabantay is a role that has been passed down through generations of people who are the only ones who can wield the “Bakal na Krus” (Iron Cross). It is the duty of the Tagabantay to protect the people against the dreaded Aswang. Coco Martin appeared in this series as the teen Juan Dela Cruz.