Producer: Creative Futures
Directed by: Rahyan Carlos
Co-Stars: Cherry Pie Picache, Jenny Jamora, Richie Macapagal, Jhersie Young, Abot Gonong, Nicole Hyala, Chris Tsuper, Hana Abigail Abada

PI7ONG TAGPO showcases 7 stories not connected with each other but has a common universal theme of making right decisions and doing good deeds. “Suka” is about a grandmother seeking to pass the virtue of patience and delayed gratification to her granddaughter. “Wedding Ring” deals with the skeletons in the closet of a newly-married couple. “Dad” talks about a family facing emotional vampires from the past. “Star City” tackles the complexities of a May-December love affair. “Ninoy” follows the uncanny bond between a young man and a street kid brought up in the school of hard knocks. “Mariel” shares the story of a single mother’s reawakening through the simplicity of a child’s faith. “Toga” deals with an OFW father trying to make amends with his graduating daughter.

Coco Martin played the role of Sonny in the segment entitled “Star City.”