The Super Parental Guardians

Directed by: Joyce Bernal
Produced by: Star Cinema
Co-Star: Vice Ganda

The Super Parental Guardians is a 2016 Philippine action comedy film starring Vice Ganda and Coco Martin. The film is directed by Joyce Bernal and is under the production of Star Cinema. The film marks the second film of Coco with Vice after their blockbuster tandem in the 2015 movie Beauty and the Bestie.

The movie reached P598 million gross as of January 10, 2017 and now holds the title of being the highest grossing Filipino film of all time in Philippine cinema history beating the film Beauty and the Bestie which was also starred by Vice Ganda and Coco Martin.VThe film also holds the highest opening day gross of all Filipino films of all time.

The Super Parental Guardians or TSPG tells the story of unlikely “parents” Arci, portrayed by Vice Ganda and Paco, portrayed by Coco Martin. A custody to the children, Megan (Awra Briguela) and Ernie (Onyok Pineda) was given to Arci just before the death of his bestfriend Sarah (portrayed by Matet de Leon). The children’s uncle, Paco, has no choice but to live and get along with Arci. As they play the roles of Momshie and Popshie to the children, the craziest and greatest adventure of their lives embarks.