Produced by: Centerstage Productions
Directed by: Mark Philipp Espina
Co-Stars: Angel Aquino, Assunta De Rossi, Bing Pimentel, Criselda Volks, Dan Alvaro, Ian Veneracion, Marithez Samson, Rodel Velayo, Sid Lucero, Simon Ibarra, Yul Servo

SIQUIJOR: MYSTIC ISLAND is about an afternoon horror show called “Hilakbot” which has been offered an opportunity to move from their daytime slot to the primetime slot. The crew jumps at the chance and heads to the mystical isle of Siquijor to reenact an occult tale and make a splashy nighttime debut. They are forced to stage an exorcism when nothing strange occurred… or so they thought. Coco Martin played the role of Miguel Sarmiento.