Produced by: Cinema One Originals, Ignite Media
Directed by: Aldofo B. Alix, Jr.
Co-Stars: Sid Lucero, Jiro Manio, Anita Linda, Ricky Davao, Susan Africa, Fonz Deza

TAMBOLISTA follows the story of Jason, a 16-year old young man who’s talented and passionate in playing drums. The same dream of buying his own drum set is shared by his older brother, Billy (Coco Martin). Billy gets in trouble when he impregnates his girlfriend and he has to raise money for abortion. At the same time, Billy’s friend Pablo finds himself homeless after being caught in bed with his married landlady. Jason, who has just started saving up for his drum kit, gets caught in the middle of Billy and Pablo’s risky plan to get some money and becomes a witness on how their scheme went wrong.

This film gave acting nominations to Coco Martin from the Golden Screen Awards (Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role) and Gawad Urian Awards (Best Supporting Actor).