TILTIL (2008)

Produced by: Breakthrough Entertainment Productions, 24P Film International
Directed by: Neal “Buboy” Tan
Co-Stars: Michael De Mesa, Alma Moreno, Pia Peron, Sachie Sanders, Jean Andrews, Miguel Hernandez, Tonio Quiazon, Jet Alcantara, Emil Sandoval, Pia Moran, Zorayda Sanchez, Sofia Lee, Tita Swarding, Pipoy Jr., Nonong de Andres, Danny Labra, Bryan Taylor, Nestor Romero, Jr. Frelyn Serrano, Nestor B. Romero

TILTIL is a story of three young sisters Uring (Pia Peron), Luray (Sachin Sanders) and Elya (Jean Andrews) who all work as stone tillers in a quarry where most residents earn their living. The plot revolves around their experiences of grisly sexual molestations from their adoptive father Timo, who is a sex pervert, an alcoholic and a gambler. Coco Martin played the role of Manuel.