Coco Martin and Julia Montes’ Wansapanataym Presents Yahimishita’s Treasures bid goodbye to the ABS-CBN weekend primetime viewers yesterday, June 14, 2015. It could be recalled that the award-winning fantasy-drama series, “Wansapanataym”, began airing its ‘Yamishita’s Treasures’ story last March 22, 2015 (Sunday). It was part of the magical summer campaign of Dreamscape Entertainment. And after three months of successive top-rating weekend episodes, the story romantically ended on a positive note and with a 28.3% (vs. 15.4%) rating in Kantar Media.

On its finale episode, Yami, Tanya and their group, initially fought Arkin. They seem to be successful against Arkin and Valeria since they got Valeria and they made her transform Newton back to his human form. But, Arkin became more vindictive as he took vengeance against the humans. Yami and Tanya protected the humans and battled it out with Arkin where Yami surprisingly obtained supernatural powers (his right hand grew big) and they eventually won over Arkin.

Though winning against Arkin and Lisandro, it was quite an emotional goodbye when Tanya decided to stay with his family in their kingdom instead of going with Yami in the human world. Yami respected Tanya’s decision and he, together with Kim and Flora, went back to their world. Days passed and Divina pushed Yami to go back to Tanya and ask her again to marry him. Yami did go back to Tanya’s world and he was welcomed with Tanya’s ‘Yes’ to his marriage proposal. Years passed and Yami and Tanya were blessed with twins, a girl and a boy. 

During the finale episode, netizens were also engaged and vocal about their reaction towards the episode:

#WansaYamishitasTreasuresTwitter_1 #WansaYamishitasTreasuresTwitter_2

After Coco Martin’s acting stint in Wansapanataym’s Yamishita’s Treasures, he will now be occupied with the preparations, trainings and shootings for his upcoming ABS-CBN primetime teleserye, ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’.

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